Microlearning Video: Build A No-Code/Low-Code App in Eight Minutes

Project Background: My second edX massive open online course (MOOC) certification program for the University of Maryland was Transforming Your Company's Data Analytics: Championing the Digital Enterprise. In the second course, I discussed using no-code/low-code tools to allow non-technical people to create mobile apps or websites. 
Course Features: In this microlearning video, I used Camtasia to record my screen as I used Microsoft's Power App Builder to quickly create a mobile app for a training department.
Why Does This Course Work: When teaching technical topics such as building a website, database application, or mobile app, I find that starting with a worked example of the final product helps to grab the students' attention and gives them an overview of the sequence of steps to build the technology product. The worked example also gives the students confidence to learn the material.
My Role: The video was created, recorded, produced, and inserted into the edX learning management system by me. I also conceived and developed the mobile app myself. 

Microlearning Video - Build a No-Code/Low-Code App in Eight Minutes