Emotional and Cultural Intelligence in Project Management: Massive Open Online Course

Project Background: I was invited by the University of Maryland's Project Management Center for Excellence to create a certification program based on my first book, The Persuasive Project Manager.
Course Features: I created five courses, each consisting of sixteen or seventeen modules spread over four weeks. Each week, I had video lectures with a knowledge check. The student would complete a weekly quiz and a final exam for each course. The course is self-paced and is on the edX platform.
Why Does This Course Work: The modules are inquiry-based and designed for the adult learner. Every weekly lesson begins with an attention-grabbing fact or statistic and ends with a practical application or tool that the learner can use in their work.
My Role: I created the course maps, storyboards, and question pools. I recorded the video introductions and the narration. I placed the lessons, quizzes, and references into the edX learning management system. My only assistance was putting my introductory videos into the recorded PowerPoint slides and some post-production work on the videos.

Sample Video