Training Evaluation: Return on Investment Evaluation of a Supervisor Certificate Program

Project Background: When I began the Supervisor Certificate Program (SCP) redesign, I made sure to include program evaluation from the beginning to measure the redesign's progress. I used Phillips' Return-on-Investment (ROI) methodology to conduct the evaluation using student course evaluations, learning surveys, productivity statistics, and financial data. 
Evaluation Features: The most significant finding was that for every dollar invested into the SCP, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) would receive a potential $11 back in increased agency-wide employee engagement and productivity. 
Why Does This Training Evaluation Work: The ROI methodology is a proven training evaluation system. My unique twist was to use financial measures from Gallup to inform the cost-benefit analysis of increasing employee engagement at the USPTO. My training evaluation study gained me the ROI Certification, and I was invited to contribute a chapter to a forthcoming book from the ROI Institute.
My Role: I conceived the study design, collected the data, performed the data analysis, wrote the results, and presented the findings to the USPTO senior leadership. I revised the study to fit the book chapter template.